ART (Activate Right Thinking)

Some studies estimate how many thoughts we have per day based on our brain activity as we live our lives. According to one study by a psychologist at Queens University, in Kingston Ontario, the average person has around 6,000 thoughts per day. However, I am simply writing this article not to get into heavy research about that study but to look at how we manage our thinking. I’ve coined this concept of ART ( Activate Right Thinking). How do we examine our thoughts about people, places, or things that we encounter daily? Especially in this new climate living and working in a pandemic. Let’s look at a Painting I’ve created entitled Rita below. I have five questions to help you think about Rita.

  1. Who is Rita?

  2. What is Rita thinking?

  3. What is she doing?

  4. Where is she going?

  5. Is Rita afraid of anything?

How do we know what we are thinking? Is it accurate or not accurate? I use the ART of Perception to examine our thoughts by looking at how we perceive or determine if we are Activating Right Thinking. Amy E.Herman calls this Visual Intelligence, and she explains, “While our sense of sight is most often associated with the spherical organs that occupy the orbits of the skull, the brain is really the workhorse of the visual processing system. Not only does it process what we see engage a full 25 percent of our brain and 65 percent of brain pathways---more than any other of our senses-- it begins to be a part of the eye that is really the brain.”