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Coaching Certification

Week 1 April 5, 6 (5 pm-9 pm), April 9th (10am-6 pm)

   Week 2 April 12, 14 (5 pm-9 pm),

   Week 3 April 19, 21 (5 pm-9 pm)

   Week 4 April 26(5 pm-9 pm) April 28(2 pm-6 pm) 30th(10am-6pm)m-6 pm)

(9 days)Coaching Certification 
1 Bonus mentoring Class

Where Leaders (ART) Activate Right Thinking

Welcome to the A.R.T. of Training and Development Coaching Institute

Our Vision and Mission


Vision -  is to promote leadership expansion, educate on growth principles for those who partner with our most vulnerable families and communities. 

Mission - is to eradicate poverty mindsets and limiting beliefs through coaching and training.

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What our graduates are saying about our program

Tropical Leaves

Tesha Goodson

I found Dena's Certified Christian Life Coach Course. She was the one who asked what are you looking to accomplish? Not only did she give me the tools and skills to effectively improve the quality of life for my clients but she gave me those tools and skills to prepare me to be the best ME for my clients.


Jacqui English

I'm already going through withdrawal. I really enjoyed the class. It was my first time taking an online class and I didn't know what to expect, but I was so blessed. "

Tamika Somorin

This program was absolutely amazing and exactly what I needed to acknowledge my own reflection, but the tools to dig and break glass ceiling within myself. It is also the tools needed to hold God space for others and help them to move forward in their life.

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