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ART of  Training and Development LLC

Why Partner with Us

We partner with private and public stakeholders, universities, churches and community organizations that serve vulnerable communities.

We cater to a broad range of communities, collaborating with faith-based organizations, universities, state agencies, and K-12 schools. Our approach integrates diverse coaching models that adhere to the global standards established by the ICF Code of Ethics. In addition, we provide specialized training in historically Christian and biblical coaching practices to empower leaders in faith-based contexts, supporting them in meaningful, heart-centered endeavors. At our core, we function as a trauma-informed brain health wellness program, prioritizing the well-being of those within our diverse clientele.

With over two decades of professional experience as facilitators and educators, we've honed our skills in utilizing evidence-based theories. Employing these techniques, we guide you to the core of your practice. Our belief in the inherent resourcefulness of individuals is at the heart of our approach. Remember, when you win, we win, and together, we experience liberation.

Core Values

Freedom - to fulfill our full potential 

A.R.T - activate right thinking 

Connectivity - join with others for a collective effort

Truth - keeping integrity during the process

Stewardship - manage resources diligently

Young Businesswomen


We are 100% committed to the success of our clients. We focus on a holistic approach to self-discovery considering life transitions and the process of change with individuals and organizations. The process of change can make you feel vulnerable coupled with uncertainty and fear of the unknown.  We are passionate about the change you want to see happen individually or collectively. Fear and limited thinking can get in the way of the following domains but we want to see you move forward and grow.

Training Classes

Additional topics available upon request



  • Relationships

  • Family dynamics

  • Coping as a Single Parent and stress reduction

  • Support for Resource Families and Adoptive Families

  • Protective Factors

  • The Trauma with black families in child welfare

  • ACEs Adverse Childhood Experiences

Book Stack

Naked Challenge

  • Your path and purpose to self-discovery 

  • Creative core spiritual exercise

  • Self-Coaching 

  • join a Community of Thriving women

  • Groups Coaching 40 Day Journey  Book Club 

Notebook and Pen

Preventing cycles

  • Boundaries

  • Identifying Child Sexual  Abuse

  •  Human Trafficking

  • Protective Factors

  • ANTS automatic Negative Thoughts

Personal Growth

  • Become more playful/creative and productive 

  • Money and Minding our pocketbooks 

  • Navigating your career path


Faith Based

  • Self-Discovery

  • Spiritual Assessments

  • Healing from Trauma

  • Finding more meaning in life

  • DISC Biblical Assessment 

  • Prophetic ART


Balancing Work


and Life

  • Diversity Equity and Inclusion

  • Effective Communication and engagement 

  • DISC training and Assessment 


  • Learning practical team facilitation skills 

  • (ACE's). Adverse  Childhood Experiences 

  • Brain Fit for Work and Life 

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