Naked Challenge 

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Are you interested in taking the NAKED Challenge? This book is a 40-day journey with contemplative and engaging activities where biblical principles and creative tools are married and designed for you to experience personal growth. A one-time registration fee of only $10.00 will support you on your journey to breaking patterns of limiting beliefs. 

Purchase your book on our website, Amazon, or Barnes & Nobles to participate in the Challenge. 📖

🌻. We meet Saturday at 8 am, starting February 5, 2022- March 12, 2022, for 90-minute spiritual core challenges. We invite you to join our exclusive Naked Challenge Facebook community. We provide safe and brave places to trust our thoughts and explore our fears. Learn how to trust your voice as you discover more about yourself, others, and God! We refrain from giving personal opinions in this group and model a coaching approach to change. We believe that your answers are within and exercised on this journey. 

🌻If you love the Challenge, ask me how you can be an ambassador for helping others heal! 

Register today! Space is Limited! 
Get Naked and Strip to the Core of whom God created you to be. 
Email me if you have questions, and thank you for your commitment to the Challenge!