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ACEs Adverse Childhood Experiences 2024

Are you Stuck, or is it Childhood Adversity?

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Service Description

Childhood adversity can deeply scar emotions and impede community well-being. It's crucial for faith-based communities to reclaim influence, safeguarding families through heightened awareness. Dr. Bruce Perry advocates shifting from "What happened to you?" to "What's wrong with you?" As coaches, we see people as resilient and resourceful. Understanding the dose response and the body-brain connection empowers proactive community leadership. Join our class with certified ACEs trainers to enhance your skills. As you enter the New Year, recognize the potential to overcome past traumas. Our self-discovery not only benefits us but extends to others. As a gesture of gratitude to our Coaching Program or Naked Challenge Community members, enjoy a one-time gift—a free course supporting your journey. Childhood adversity can leave deep emotional scars and hinder the well-being of our communities. It's time for faith-based communities to reclaim their influence, safeguarding families through increased knowledge and awareness. Dr. Bruce Perry encourages us to shift our perspective from asking, "What's wrong with you ?" to "What's happened to you?" As coaches, we've embraced the idea of viewing people as resourceful and resilient, capable of bouncing back. We can proactively lead our communities by comprehending the interplay between the dose-response and the connection between body and brain. Join our upcoming class taught by certified ACE trainers to enhance your understanding and skills as you enter the New Year. Be aware that we can break free from the shackles of our past traumas. The self-discovery we embark on benefits us and extends to others. As a token of appreciation for those who have been part of our Coaching Program or Naked Challenge Community, we offer this one-time gift—a free course to support your journey.

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