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Activate Right Thinking 

 Dena Billups, MHS, CPLC, Founder 
Certified Christian Life Coach
John Maxwell  Certified Trainer and Coach
Certified  DISC Behavior Analysis Trainer
Certified ACE's Trainer 
Trauma Healing Facilitator
License Diversity and Inclusion Holder
Member of International Coaching Federation


My Story


In this life, we either expect or accept what we want life to be. As I assess my timeline, I've had to ask myself the question, "Girl, what are you expecting or what are you accepting from this life? That question is explored deeply from our core. I haven't always walked in the many roles of a wife, mompreneur, author-artist, speaker, or life muse. It wasn't until I became serious about growth, living, and giving that I was willing to invest in myself and others. As I sat in an art class with my 5-year-old daughter, it was a Saturday morning that I would beat the odds of single parenting. The absence of a babysitter that day shifted the trajectory for both our lives.  As her tiny hands picked up the pastels that created and colored an image of a flower I watched come alive, I began to exhale the colors of my future. I stopped accepting labels and started expecting the greatness that had bloomed evident that day! 

It is my life's work to break cycles that don't serve my community or me. The training and coaching sessions focus on barriers that no longer serve our communities well. In addition, I invest in partnerships that help me to continue the work. 

How do  we
Activate Right Thinking?

Our Vision is to promote leadership expansion, educate on growth principles for those who partner with our most vulnerable communities.

Our Mission is to eradicate poverty mindsets and limiting beliefs through coaching and training. 

We create safe places for healing and, by doing so, change is inevitable. As we partner with others who have a shared vision, we increase opportunities for people to make liberating choices.

We all have the power to reach beyond our limits, even when present discomfort and conditions exist. We master our success by telling our story, holding onto our childlike faith, and brushing on the colors of forgiveness, love, and hope. It’s our resourcefulness that takes us to the core of whom we were created to be and helps us (ART) Activate Right Thinking.


Why take our courses?


Our talented team of certified professionals has the heart to provide a variety of courses and customize training to meet the needs of your organization and individual leaders. Our educators are Grief specialists, Life Doulas, Parent and Adoptive support workers, Child-welfare Advocates and Trainers, Counselors, and Pastors, who have personally coached families through the traumatic storms of life. Some of their lived experiences drives their compassion to see others win. We have over 30 years of coaching and training leaders in faith-based communities, non-profits, learning institutes, Colleges, and Statewide and National Partnerships. We always (ART) Activate Right Thinking in our workshops and training. Our seminars and training incorporate different change models for vulnerable and hurting communities. Our number one goal is to provide courses that open doors for change and create spaces for healing. We believe leaders who believe that people are resourceful and capable help communities thrive. In addition, we creatively approach our work through the Art of perception and visualization for reflective practices and self-awareness. According to the Psychology Today article, research on visualization reveals fascinating results about the power of the mind Brain studies —all relevant to achieving your best life. Finally, our ART(Activate Right Thinking) Coaching Institute has solid values and principles to support the creative skills, attitudes, and spiritual beliefs that strengthen and transform lives. With the onset of COVID, we continue to provide graduating classes online, supporting many leaders in a time where uncertainty creates fear, but hope heals the heart of our communities.

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Coaching Leaders, Healing  Communities 

We believe in engaging communities creatively and organically because we believe people are unique and wealthy at their origins when they can identify their worth. So we see our communities, learn about our communities, and invest in the growth of our communities. We don't believe in programming people; we believe when needs are recognized, and voices are heard, hearts begin to open to find their path. 

I am the author and illustrator of Naked: Stripping to the Core in 40 Days. Naked is a devotional and creative companion that will assist you in increasing self-awareness using reflective practices and Biblical principles. We provide safe spaces and brave spaces for individuals to journey together, 

 "When you win, we win; together, we are liberated."

- Dena Billups


Our values are our F.A.C.T.S

Freedom -to fulfill our full potential 

A.R.T-Activate Right thinking

Connectivity-Join with others for a collective change

Truth-Keeping integrity during the process

Stewardship-manage resources diligently