Great training. Every aspect of the training exceeded my expectations. I would refer anyone who desires to receive training and acquiring life coaching skills, to A.R.T Training and Development

This program was absolutely amazing and exactly what I needed to acknowledge my own reflection, but the tools to dig and break glass ceiling within myself. It is also the tools needed to hold God space for others and help them to move forward in their life.

This course was powerful and mad an awesome impact on my life. Not only was  I able to receive the knowledge in order to take me to the next level in my career, but it gave me the opportunity to do some self examination and soul searching on mylself.


"During each session they kept each participant engaged and motivated."

"The trainers are so full of knowledge and their teaching techniques are impeccable."

"All of 2020 I searched for a course to become a Certified Professional Life Coach.  All said you don't need to be certified. Many offered dreams. Many promised to make me a millionaire from the comforts of my home.  Many claimed they had the best Master Class. Many said they had the SECRET and many said let me turn your pain into a Win."

"The last month of the 2020 I found Dena. Certified Christian Life Coach Dena.  The one who said what are you looking to accomplish?  What is God saying to you? Who is in the mirror?  Not only did she give me the tools and skills to effectively improve the quality of life for my clients but she gave me those tools and skills to prepare me to be the best ME for my clients.  A.R.T. Art of Training & Development LLC is the Master Class."

Our Founder

Dena Billups

Change is inevitable and having someone to coach us through the change process can guide us to our place of wealth. We all have the power to reach beyond our limits even when present discomfort exist. I've learned that success is only mastered when we tell our story, hold onto our childlike faith, and brush on the colors of forgiveness, love, and hope. We all have a story and a journey that takes us to the core of who we are created to be.

Dena  has over 20 years of experience leading others in the field of training, coaching and professional development. It is her life's passion to bridge the gap for leaders who work with vulnerable communities.  She is a voice for the voiceless, and has delivered multiple trainings such as Sex Abuse, Human Trafficking, Mental Health and Substance Abuse, to a workforce of over 7,000 employees. She continues to  support statewide initiatives that promote change for families and is currently on a board serving Foster and Adoptive families. She is an Author-Artist, and holds a Masters in Human Services . When Dena is not serving others she is spending valuable time with family. She is the mother of two children and is married to her life-long partner and best friend. 

Dena believes that we all can ART (activate right thinking), and "When you win I win, and together we are liberated"...Dena Billups

During this economic, social, physiological pandemic and unprecedented times there are a lot of uncertainties for families, and her role as a coach and trainer is to assist. As a coach, I help create better lives, careers, and relationships so that people can feel safe in their own spaces especially now that basic needs are compromised.



"My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humour and some style." "Courage is the most important of all the virtues, because without courage you can't practice any other virtue consistently."   Maya Angelou

Training & Coaching

Partner with us  for specific workshops or trainings to meet your individual or  organizational goals. 

Life Coach Sessions

Are you trying to build your business or are you trying to build your life?  We have the tools to get you to your next step. Call for a free consultation today.

Healing Groups 

If you are interested in becoming a facilitator and running a "NAKED" book club for a small group. Let us train you to  help transform lives in a very creative way, where healing is possible. This is a 3 day training to equip you to help others find healing and reach their gifted core.


take the steps

"Mass Movement starts small" 

John Maxwell

Dena Billups,MHS

20 yrs Certified Trainer & Life coach


Certified ACEs Trainer

Licensed Diversity and Inclusion Trainer

CLC Trainer, Freedom Bible College & Seminary

Certified John Maxwell Trainer ,Coach, Speaker

Trauma Healing Facilitator

NJ Child Welfare Partnership Trainer, Rutgers & Stockton

ICF Member

Client Engagement Specialist

Leadership Coaching 

Phone: (609)-326-3319

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