Dena Billups

(ART) Activates Right Thinking

Through Coaching Training & Speaking


For the last 20-years, I have partnered, explored and guided my clients to reach their maximum potential through training, coaching and speaking. Our strategic and powerful coaching plans are transformational.  We empower leaders to (ART) Activate Right Thinking so they can eradicate poverty in their lives and those in their communities.   

Change is inevitable and having someone coach or partner with you through the change process can guide you to your place of self-wealth. We all have the power to reach beyond our limits even when present  discomfort and conditions exist. We master our success by telling our story, holding onto our childlike faith and brushing on the colors of forgiveness, love and hope. It’s our own resourcefulness that takes us to the core of who we were created to be, if we allow ourselves to be.  

Workshops & Courses

I provide coaching and training to faith-based communities, non-profits, learning institutions and state wide partnerships. I use a creative approach to training and facilitating through pairing my Activate Right Thinking model (ART) with evidence based theories and practices. Specializing in bridging the gap between vulnerable communities and organizational leaders in order to pursue solutions to the world’s most pressing issues. 


Dena Billups and her network of life coaches and organizational trainers promote healing for women with children who have experienced generational trauma. Our artistic practices and abilities to offer human-first organizational development among executives, staff, clergy, students, and children cultivate healing creativity within those in positions to do healing work in our world. We believe that when individuals within organizations are able to intentionally become more aware of themselves and others through authentic and artistic ways their service to humanity in any sector will be more valuable  and more relevant to those being served.


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As a voice for the voiceless, I hold a Master’s in Human Services from Lincoln University.  I facilitate trainings on social ills that impact women and children such as Sexual Abuse , Substance Use Disorders, Foster and Vulnerable Youth, and Human trafficking. It has been my life’s mission to  break the cycles of abuse and oppressions for vulnerable families by identifying and strengthening  protective factors.

I currently partner with New Jersey’s Department of Office of Professional Development, Rutgers University, and Stockton University to accomplish the goal of developing leaders to break the cycles of abuse. I am a certified ACEs( adverse childhood experience) trainer, Certified Christian life coach trainer of Freedom Bible College & Seminary, Certified Life Coach, Speaker and Trainer with John Maxwell Team. Licensed Diversity and Inclusion trainer, Trauma healing facilitator with American Bible Society, and a member of the International Coaching Federation. 

I am the Author and illustrator of Naked:Stripping to the Core in 40 Days. Naked is a devotional and creative companion that will assist you in increasing self-awareness using reflective practices and Biblical principles. When I am not serving others I enjoy the gift of being a wife and mother.


 "When you win I win; together we are liberated"

- Dena Billups